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Final Report 2018 - Interior

Plánek výstaviště HABITAT 2019 EN

The autumn edition of FOR INTERIOR is over, take a look at the recapitulation of the fair

The anniversary of the 10th edition of FOR INTERIOR starts tommorow

And what can you expect? 250 exhibitors, 5 exhibition halls, area of health and quality of sleep, vintage style department and free consultancy from interior designers, which can be found in Muczka Hall.

The largest autumn furniture fair in the Czech Republic is approaching

Within almost two months we are opening the doors of the largest furniture fair in the Czech Republic.

You can feel the atmosphere of the unique exhibits, be inspired by the trends in interior design and consult your ideas with the professionals in the field.

For example, you can look forward to more than 180 exhibitors, try the exclusive beds and sofas from the leaders in the field, equip your kitchen and find inspiration in 5 exhibition halls of PVA EXPO Prague, Letnany. 

With our furniture fair, you can combine it with visiting one of the most beautiful cities in Central Europe, the historical city of Prague.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

Final Report 2017

Preparations for the autumn fair are in full swing

We would like to inform all those interested in participating in the 10th edition of the International Trade fair for Furniture, Interiors and Home Accessories -  FOR INTERIOR autumn 2018 that the preparations for the show are already starting. We believe we will build on the success of the just-held spring trade fair FOR INTERIOR, which attracted 35,384 visitors.
FOR INTERIOR-Autumn 2018 is the largest furniture oriented trade fair in the Czech Republic. Deadline for best prices is April 30, 2018. Early registration will give you a more attractive place in the exhibition hall and a smooth course of the preparatory work at the fair. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to collaborating with you.

ABF, a.s. against the activities of fraudulent companies

ABF, a.s. distances itself from the practices of the International Fairs Directory, Expo Guide, MULPOR Company S.A., FAIR Guide, and Construct Data, which offer the publication of corporate data in the online catalog of trade fairs and exhibitors. Although the offer for the publication of the data in the catalog is presented as free of charge, after completing and submitting the data, the client will receive an invoice for the payment of almost EUR 1200 per year.

Furthermore, ABF, a.s. declares that it has never granted the aforementioned companies permission to use or promote the protected names or trade fairs organized by ABF, a. s. and to address individual exhibitors on behalf of the organizer of the fair.

Looking back at FOR INTERIOR spring edition

Plán výstaviště

Videoreport from the spring interior, design and garden fairs, which took place on 22 - 25 March 2018

Plánek výstaviště Interior 2018 EN

Plánek výstaviště Interior 2018 EN

Video report from the largest interior fair in the Czech Republic!

Visit the "Picture Gallery of the Soul"

We invite all visitors to a world full of color and uniqueness.
... lively, deep, full of emotions and stories.
Such are pictures of Jitka Němečková - Images of the Soul, which can be found in Hall 5 of stand 5B16.

Metta - Chairs from the Factory

METTA Ural Manufacturing Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of office chairs and tables of tempered glass in the CIS. Metta is one of those few Russian companies that supplies products to the European Union.

Full-cycle production, commercially-viable models and a competitive price for more than 20 years are the main advantages of METTA brand


Metta offers a wide range of metal frame furniture:

• innovative ergonomic chairs

• comfortable executive and office staff chairs

• chairs for cafe, bar, restaurant

•  tempered glass top tables

Metta сompany product features:


Ergonomic Consideration in every detail

Extra strong steel structural frame

Upholstery, that takes care of your health and comfort

Wide range of design options and components

All our products come through at least 10 strict quality control in the research center. All of the processes of manufacturing are completely automated to ensure high quality and provide affordable price.


The latest office chair models will be presented on our stand for trade fair visitors. We put the emphasis on our unique ergonomic Samurai chair series. Samurai chair accurately adjusts to individual physical characteristics providing absolute comfort and greater productivity. Metta company’s ergonomic chairs will positively change your perception on comfort. Extra strong structural frame coated with mirror chrome  or durable polymeric material guarantees more than 10 years service life.

You can find Metta company in the Hall 5 

Preparations for fair FOR INTERIOR are already in full swing, closing date for applications at the most advantageous prices is already April 30, 2017

We would like to inform all those interested in attending the 8th annual furniture, interior and home accessories fair FOR INTERIOR 2017 that the preparations for this trade fair are already in full swing and working on exhibition raster is beginning. We believe we will repeat the success of the FOR FURNITURE Spring Fair, which attracted 35,384 visitors, an increase of 24%. All the halls were occupied.

FOR INTERIOR is the largest autumn furniture fair in the Czech Republic. Last year 511 companies presented themselves in 6 exhibition halls, covering an area of 31,200 m2. Closing date for the first discounted prices is April 30, 2017. The timely registration will, in addition to the favourable price, ensure a more attractive place in the exhibition hall and a smooth course of the preparatory work at the fair. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to collaborate with you.


Sexy Fusion - an innovative concept that integrates high-end audio, design, art, potential and also a philanthropy.

Sexy Fusion lately announced cooperation with design studio Stag Pads, who is active in London, Zurich and Prague. Stag Pads focuses on men clients and offers design services that are well-arranged and clearly defined in packages and affordable almost for everyone.

We believe that custom designed speakers in the hands of professionals with an eye for detail and knowledge of global trends is the right thing for the local market.

Apartment equipment or its redesign will be fast, easy and affordable. It will lead to more time spent enjoying the music and home comfort, maybe also due to our collection of custom audio design, backed by Czech honest work ...

New upholstered furniture products of Vilém Duchoň at FOR INTERIOR again

The firm “Vilém Duchoň” is already a traditional participant at the Letňany exhibitions and would like to follow up to its success and especially to the visitors’ interest again. It would like to kindly surprise the exhibition visitors again, not only through new untraditional functions of its leather as well as textile seating furniture sets, but especially with an interesting design and the emphasis placed on every detail. Also this time, the visitors will have a possibility of using presented services and advantages - our specialisation in individual solutions of interior requirements of customers. We will offer our standard series product range in both textile and leather materials, which we are able to prepare on a tailor-made basis for the customer and we can produce accessory individual elements for our customers according to their spatial layout requirements. The possibility of embedding functional elements is always more and more successful as well (folding systems - one-bed or two-bed solutions, storage area, etc.).  And a matter-of-course for our firm is, as usual, the fact that even there we offer individual modifications according to customer wishes. At the autumn exhibition we would like to present our news – fully functional leather seating sets (with a possibility of folding to create a double bed as well as storage area), new types of leather materials as well as upholstering fabrics. You can get familiar with our models already today on

African spirit at FOR INTERIOR fair

Inspired from the African spirit Thomas Giese is importing unique products from South Africa.

In cooperation with the producers Thomas Giese is having a close relationship to the partners and is travelling a few times per year in Cape Town to design products together as well as having a strong relation ship with them. Afro chic is distributing their products in Europe as well.


At the FOR INTERIOR 2016 fair, you can see the following products from the Afro chic  company:


Bean Bags:

The bean bags are manufactured on Handweaving looms out of recycled T-Shirts and off cuts from the textile industry. Because of this every bean bag has a unique look in terms on colors - but always bright and colorful - the slogan in "Less waste - more colors."






Picture Frames:

The workers in Cape Town collect the Wood from windows,doors, furniture and bring them to the  workshop. Out of this old wood they manufactor by hand the Picture frames- each Piece is unique, because it is upcycled wood - not additional painting is put on, just the original, up to 120 years old wood!





If you want to meet with this company, you can see their business profile HERE.



You can find them at the FOR INTERIOR 2016 fair, the stand number: 


2nd deadline for sending Application Forms

We would like to inform you of the end of 2nd deadline for the fair FOR INTERIOR 2016. Currently 80% of the exhibition area have been booked . We look forward to seeing you in our fair!

2nd deadline for sending Application Forms

We would like to inform you of the end of 2nd deadline for the fair FOR INTERIOR 2016. Currently 80% of the exhibition area have been booked . We look forward to seeing you in our fair!

Matchmaking For-Interior EN

Final Report 2015

The 2015 FOR INTERIOR trade fair is successfully over. The large number of exhibitors, 205, as well as a large number of visitors, 28,850, prove that the trade fair is on the rise.

For the Final Report, please download here.



Závěrečná zpráva FOR INTERIOR




1. See the application form HERE  or download a fillable form : 


2. Fill, sign and stamp the application form and send it to the contact email below


3. You will receive an invoice for a deposit and when the payment is made, you will receive the location.




How do I ship my products to the fair? Is there a storage? 

- for logistics, storages or anything related, please contact : CENTRUMSPED s.r.o., Filip Červený - Forwarders  Mobile: + 420 : 602 501 381, E-mail:


What is included in the price? 

- It is very individual and depends on your orders, for making the exact calculations, please contact the email below.


Where can I find the list of exhibitors? 

-  it will be published on our website, you can find the list of exhibitors from the previous fair in the final report below 


Can I still apply after the deadline? 

- it depends on the availability, but we will do our best to work this out 





Payments are made via bank transfer in CZK or EUR only 


Additional payments upon registration at the fair are made only in cash (we have an ATM right next to it) 


In case of any questions please contact : 

Ilona Junusmetova

Foreign trade manager

M: +420 739 003 158

T:  +420 225 291 185

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Banners of fair

Final report 2018

Download here


Dear Buyers,

We cordially invite you to visit  11th International Trade Fair for Furniture, Interiors, and Design -  FOR INTERIOR, which will be held on 21-24 March 2019 at PVA EXPO PRAGUE LETNANY.. 

FOR INTERIOR will be held simultaneously with International trade fairs FOR HABITAT, FOR GARDEN, DESIGN SHAKER

 Significant Czech and foreign companies will present its products to the professionals in the field as well as to the end customers.

We are very pleased that foreign companies perceive the trade fair FOR INTERIOR as a platform for establishing many valuable contacts in the Czech business environment. As an organizer, we support B2B meetings and help foreign companies to make a trade fair beneficial for them in terms of contract purposes.



If you are a buyer interested in the B2B business meeting with our exhibitors, we can help you to arrange the meeting with a suitable business partner - for more information, please contact:


+420 739 003 158

Don't miss an opportunity to directly meet the
Czech producers and suppliers!

Plan of exhibition area

Final Report 2018 - Interior

Final Report 2017

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