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African spirit at FOR INTERIOR fair

Inspired from the African spirit Thomas Giese is importing unique products from South Africa.

In cooperation with the producers Thomas Giese is having a close relationship to the partners and is travelling a few times per year in Cape Town to design products together as well as having a strong relation ship with them. Afro chic is distributing their products in Europe as well.


At the FOR INTERIOR 2016 fair, you can see the following products from the Afro chic  company:


Bean Bags:

The bean bags are manufactured on Handweaving looms out of recycled T-Shirts and off cuts from the textile industry. Because of this every bean bag has a unique look in terms on colors - but always bright and colorful - the slogan in "Less waste - more colors."






Picture Frames:

The workers in Cape Town collect the Wood from windows,doors, furniture and bring them to the  workshop. Out of this old wood they manufactor by hand the Picture frames- each Piece is unique, because it is upcycled wood - not additional painting is put on, just the original, up to 120 years old wood!





If you want to meet with this company, you can see their business profile HERE.



You can find them at the FOR INTERIOR 2016 fair, the stand number: 


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